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A Beginner’s Guide to Coffee Types: Understanding the Basics

Have you just found yourself enjoying the concept of freshly brewed coffee? Are you someone who loves going to different cafes around town to find the perfect cup of coffee? We’ve all been there and we just can’t get enough of that freshly brewed coffee from the nearest barista! But, most of us don’t really know what types of coffee we’re being served (unless, of course, you’re a coffee connoisseur). And, making one at home has never felt so good unless you have an expensive machine sitting on your kitchen counter. But that’s no longer the case, this beginner’s guide to types of coffee and what’s the perfect formula for making one will help you better understand the basics.

Iced coffee

Iced coffee, as its name suggests, is a drink served cold. It could very well be arranged either by preparing the coffee in an ordinary way and then serving it over ice or in chilled milk, or by cold fermenting the coffee. In hot preparation methods, sugars and seasonings can be added before cooling because they break down more quickly. Chilled coffee can also be enhanced with pre-disintegrated sugar in water.

Iced espresso

A chilled espresso is made by pouring a decoction of coffee over ice and fixing it with cold water. The flavor distinction in light of the fact that adding hot espresso to ice will bring out much more punchy and full-bodied types of coffee. The iced espresso is completely milk-free.

Cold brew

Cold Brewing is a coffee blending strategy where ground beans are saturated with water at room temperature for over 20 hours. Cold Brewed Coffee or commonly referred to as Cold Brew is the espresso concentrate that you get after blending is complete. Cold brew coffees are preferred for the strong caffeine flavor they provide.


Frappuccino is a trademarked product of Starbucks Corporation Cold Brews for a line of deeply enhanced, chilled blended coffee beverages. It includes a base of coffee or cream, mixed with ice and other different fixings like flavored syrups, usually topped with whipped cream as well as toppings. Frappuccinos are also sold as packaged coffees.

Nitro cold brew

Nitro cold brew is a type of coffee served chilled. It is a variety of cold-fermented coffee that uses the expansion of nitrogen gas to provide a smooth texture. The creation of the Nitro brew begins with the creation of a cold blend espresso, a cycle that can take up to 24 hours. Once the grounds are sufficiently steeped, the espresso is placed in a jug or barrel at room temperature. As the mixture is poured, it is blended with nitrogen to give it a rich, smooth head of foam, like draft beer.


Mazagran is a fresh and improved coffee drink that originated in Algeria. Portuguese forms may use coffee, lemon, mint, and rum, and Austrian adaptations are presented with ice and incorporate rum. For some tea lovers, the good news is that you can get Mazagran coffee which is a mixture of tea, coffee and an alcoholic drink. A quick shape is accomplished by pouring a once upgraded coffee into a cup with 3D ice shapes and a lemon cup. Mazagran has been described as “the first iced coffee”.