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5 types of whiskey glasses and how to use them

The most common glass for drinking whiskey is the lowball, also called rocks glass, whiskey tumbler and old-fashioned. These glasses range from 6 to 14 ounces, and with a wide rim and straight sides, can accommodate ice cubes, whiskey stones, or additional ingredients to mix, making the glass versatile (via Serious Eats).

Rocks glasses are available in different shapes and materials, allowing a complete price for all budgets. Cut crystal glasses showcase their sophistication and cost, regardless of the contents of the glass. If you want the whiskey to be the focal point, opt for an elegant blown crystal design. Expensive glasses should be heavy, mostly in the base, to keep the glass from tipping over and feel good in your hand, suggests BlackTailNYC.

The Home Wet Bar blog offers fancier glasses like a cigar glass; after all, whiskey and cigars are a perfect match for some. Monogrammed everything seems to have a moment, so glasses seem like a logical item if your guests have sticky fingers. There are retro-looking square glasses and others with a real bullet piercing the sides, which could have been ideal for watching “Peaky Blinders”.

Although whiskey can be served neat (without ice) in a lowball, the wide rim is not ideal for the nose (per WhiskySuggest). Instead, this glass is best suited for classic cocktails like an old-fashioned or a whiskey sour.. Another advantage is that the lowball is dishwasher safe.