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24 stores caught selling alcohol to minors in Huntsville | Huntsville

Huntsville Police said a four-hour operation last week resulted in tickets being ticketed at 24 stores for sales of alcohol to minors.

The operation involved HPD community resource workers and two miners. The group visited 32 stores, and in each, minors were instructed to try to buy alcohol while being honest about their age and showing ID if asked, police said. .

Huntsville Police Sgt. Chris Davis said the department received several tips from the community, which led to the Nov. 17 operation.

“It’s alarming,” Davis said. “When we got the tips and complaints, we took it very seriously. Obviously, we want to reassure the community and these parents that their concerns will be taken seriously. “

Davis said they weren’t able to visit all of the stores they had received complaints about, so similar operations are planned throughout this year and into next year.

“We don’t want this problem to grow (and) get out of hand,” Davis said. “So we will continue our efforts. “

It’s unclear how long store workers have been selling alcohol to minors, but Davis said this was the kind of complaint HPD frequently received. HPD said the store will not be cited, but the seller who made the sale will.

Selling alcohol to a minor is an offense punishable by a fine of up to $ 1,000 or one year in prison, and subsequent infractions can result in increased fines or prison terms, according to HPD. Anyone with information on the illegal sale of alcohol to minors is asked to contact 256-746-4132.

Here are the locations:

• 307 Andrew Jackson Way NE;

• 501 Drake Avenue SW;

• 508 Oakwood Avenue;

• 611 United States 72 East;

• 2003, rue Meridian;

• 2323, chemin du golf SO;

• 2525, chemin Winchester;

• 3121 Drake Avenue SW;

• 3315, promenade des Gouverneurs;

• 3629, chemin Patton SW;

• 3726 Blue Spring Road NW;

• 3906 boul. Triana;

• 4113 Bob Wallace Avenue SW;

• 4200 avenue Bob Wallace SW;

• 5990 Pulaski Pike NW;

• 4011 University Drive NW;

• 6150 University Drive NW;

• 6278 University Drive NW;

• 7131 US 72 West;

• 7520 US 72 West;

• 7584 United States 72 West;

• 8000 Memorial Parkway SW;

• 10001 Memorial Parkway SW; and

• 11431 Memorial Parkway SW.