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20 types of wine glasses explained

All-purpose is what you’ll find in most restaurants and homes, as they’ve been specifically designed to accentuate all styles of wine and are generally economical. Having a full line of lenses doesn’t make sense to the average consumer (or practice)! Plus, when it comes to entertaining and catering to a wide variety of wine preferences, the bowl and stem of a universal glass are medium-sized and specially designed to meet the needs of red wines, white and even sparkling (via

While a versatile style is meant to cater to all styles of wine, there are also universal styles for each basic category of wine – red, white, sparkling, and dessert. According to a clarification from, universal red glasses are medium in size and have a wider and taller bowl than a general purpose white glass. Universal white glasses benefit from shorter bowls so that delicate flavors are not too far from the consumer’s nose and undiluted.

Due to the popularity of this style of lens, most glass companies offer at least one. There is the All Purpose glass from Riedel, the Universal glass from Zalto and the One Glass For All from Gabriel-Glas, among many others. These have a good perception of wine professionals and are often the glasses used in tastings and professional events.