Alcohol types

12 types of mixers and what spirits they pair best with

Espresso martinis are all the rage, but vodka isn’t everyone’s favorite spirit. For tequila fans, there’s an easy way to make a version of the popular drink with your favorite liquor, and it doesn’t even require shaking. It may seem like an odd combination, but cold brew coffee and tequila, especially a smoky reposado, is an underrated combination. Don Julio has a recipe combining the brand’s reposado, a little milk and cold brew for their version, with the possibility of adding simple syrup for those who prefer their coffee sweeter.

Cointreau, an orange liqueur commonly used in margaritas, has created its own version of a cold brew margarita. The brand mixes tequila, Cointreau, cold brew and oat milk in their version. Coffee and orange may seem strange, but tequila and Cointreau always go well together. The liqueur adds a sweet acidity to the drink that is surprisingly complementary, almost like the pairing of chocolate and orange. A Redditor got even more creative with his version of this caffeinated pick-me-up. They incorporated Dalgona coffee — the whipped coffee trend that was popular on TikTok in 2020 — to add a chewy texture to the standard blend.