Alcohol types

10 types of people you will meet in the club

Let’s look at some of the funny characters:-

1. The Crier

Once they get drunk enough, they will get emotional and start crying. They’ll talk about their good-for-nothing ex who cheated on them, the boss who mistreats them, and that family member who thinks they’re better than everyone else.

Their stories will be full of pain and sorrow. Since people are having a good time, you’ll have to hand them tissues and be a good therapist.

2. The lost

There is always a lost person at the club. A very drunk human who doesn’t know who or where he is. They usually have no idea where they left their friends, it’s like they’re in the middle of a desert, alone.

Most of the time, it’s usually a woman on the verge of depression. They’ll have a missing eyelash, an unzipped dress, and a wig ready to go home.

3. Nichezee hi song

These people act righteously, always asking the DJ to play them a certain song. I mean, you can ask for a song or two, but you can’t just sit there all the time giving one request after another.

If you wanted to hear your favorite songs, you should have stayed home and listened to your playlist.

4. The ready to fight

Once they are high, they can never come down. They will add fuel to the smallest of problems and before you know it they have started a fight and are smashing bottles and smashing people’s heads on tables.

Their kiburi is usually on another level, so they’re not afraid to fight the bouncer. If you look closely, most are usually short men.

5. The I love you

Five minutes later, and they’re very emotional. They will keep reminding you how much they love you and what you mean to them.

They will go ahead and recognize your good qualities by saying how lucky they are to have you. This will be an intense session with lots of crying and repeating things you’ve heard before.

6. The Girlfriend/Boyfriend Thief

The audacity of the people in this town is on another level. People will try to rob your man or woman right in front of you. Hakuna kuficha white.

It will start with a few winks, showers of compliments, and then a dance. If you aren’t enthusiastic enough or don’t have a grounded person, you will leave the club single.

7. The Dancer

They have the movements, the vibrations and the energy. They will be dancing to every song and before you know it they have a crowd of people dancing with them.

These types of people are usually very happy and friendly, all they want is to have a good time. You can never get bored around them.

8. This is my song

I find these people interesting because they love every song that comes out. From Afrobeat, Gengetone, hip hop to bongo.

Each song is their favorite. When they leave the club, they are in pain after shouting “this is my song”.

9. Silencers

They are not talkative. They are the flower on the wall. In fact, you can forget if they are there with you. They will spend most of the time observing people and reading their body language.

They are the type to dance sitting down, only getting up to go to the bathroom. They never get drunk and most of the time they are the designated drivers or the ones who save their friends from dramas and fights. If someone gets emotional, they’re there to listen.

10. The Sleeper

They were bound to go out when they weren’t in the clubbing mood. So when people dance, twerk, or just have a good time, they doze off.

And when things get out of control, they sleep on the table with no care in the world. Who the hell does that?