Insurance high blood pressure

Insurance high blood pressure

High blood pressure can slow you down in getting your mortgage. Indeed, in the case of an “aggravated health risk”, the bank may refuse to grant you group insurance and thus refuse to respond favorably to your application for mortgage credit because the subscription of a borrower insurance is an essential passage to obtain a loan.

Do not wait to see your financing project fall by the wayside, anticipate on the search for insurance borrower risk high blood pressure that will allow you to access the loan!

Securing your loan in case of high blood pressure

Securing your loan in case of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is too high pressure of the blood circulating in the arteries. And this can worsen in rupture of aneurysm, pulmonary edema or heart failure because the walls of the arteries become fragile.

If you have high blood pressure and therefore have an “aggravated health risk”, you need to approach different insurance companies to find the one that will protect you at an affordable price. Some insurers may apply an insurance surcharge, ie increase the cost of your contributions because of the high risk you represent for them. You must therefore play up the competition to minimize the cost of your loan insurance risk aggravated health hypertension.

Play the competition to find the least expensive insurance risk borrower insurance market!

Comparator and Quote insurance health risk health hypertension

Comparator and Quote insurance health risk health hypertension

Conduct a comparison of online loan insurance and ask to receive high risk blood pressure insurance quotes at the lowest rates on the market.

Use the Insurance Delegation with Loan Insurance-Not-Expensive

The Lagarde law allows you to carry out a “delegation of insurance”, that is to say to take out another loan insurance than that of the bank. By making use of the insurance broker-Loan-not-expensive to ensure, you reduce to the maximum the cost of your high risk blood pressure insurance and get the best guarantees. In addition, your bank will not be able to refuse your insurance-from-loan-to-expensive insurance delegation.

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The AERAS convention

The AERAS (Insuring and Borrowing with Enhanced Health Risk) agreement allows up to two new loan application reviews for people who have been denied insurance due to their health problems.

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