Borrow money up to 1000 euros? Yes, this is now possible with the mini loan. The mini loan is a loan with a short duration for amounts up to 1000 euros. So if you want to borrow a relatively small amount quickly, the mini loan is also referred to as the mini loan for that purpose.

How to get an online loan with bad credit today?

Borrow 1000 euros online

The great thing about taking out a bad credit loan is that you can apply for this loan online at You don’t have to leave the house for this. So it’s a fairly anonymous way to borrow money and this is a big plus for many people.

Borrow 1000 euros with BKR

Borrowing money up to 1000 euros with BKR is also possible. The mini-loan provider will in most cases provide you with a mini-loan with BKR. It may be that you have to let someone stand as a guarantor. Often you can also arrange this yourself with the mini-loan provider. A mini loan with BKR has become enormously popular in recent years for loans up to 1000 euros. You have the choice to borrow an amount of 50 to 1000 euros.

Duration 1000 euro loan

Duration 1000 euro loan

The duration of the mini loan up to 1000 euros is a maximum of 45 days. For smaller amounts such as, for example, 100 euros, you will have to deal with a term of 15 days. There is also a mini loan with a duration of 30 days. When the term of the mini loan has expired you will have to pay back the loan. If you do not do this, you will receive a fine from the mini-loan provider.

Borrow 1000 euros without income

Because the rules of the mini loan are fairly flexible, you can also borrow money without income. This is popularly called “borrowing without a pay slip”. We have our doubts about whether it is wise to borrow without a payslip. You must realize that you must repay the borrowed money at the end of the term. Without income it is a lot harder to meet this obligation.

What to borrow 1000 euros for?

What to borrow 1000 euros for?

When taking out a loan, people often think of larger amounts of a few tens of thousands of euros. But if you have to pay a bill quickly, you can request a mini-loan. Or you have not yet received your holiday pay and you want to book a holiday, you can request a mini loan for this. There are many reasons for which you can borrow an amount of up to 1000 euros.

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